• Flow With The Tide

    Some changes look negative on the surface but you will soon realise that space is being created in your life for something new to emerge. Eckart Tolle

    One Step at a Time

    The Women of Purpose Foundation does not and will not work in a push, push mentality. There will be encouragement, forward movement and community. If you stay stuck in your old ways, you affect every aspect of your life in one way or another. Time to celebrate who you are today.

  • Women of Purpose Foundation

    Following many changes in HIStory women globally are waking up. We have been on a journey of enlightenment, reigniting our connection with Mother Earth and the Universe. Healing is taking place - natural cycles of women are being acknowledged and are being brought back into alignment with our Moon. 

    Now is the time for HERstory to bring balance back into relationships where all are equal. Where there is acceptance of our individuality as men and women. Individuals that love who they are first and feel safe in their own skin, safe enough to share themselves with another as equal. No more old stories, time to step up and raise your vibration, time to move away from thoughts that bind and keep you stuck.

    There are currently many high flying successful groups in operation that are extremely successful and supportive ~ so what's different here? It is my aim to allow Women of Purpose Foundation to be accessible to all who wish to become members.

    What's in the name?

    Join us and begin your journey of self discovery lets celebrate you!

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  • Donna Broomham Founder Women of Purpose

    Why The Foundation and what's in the name?

    In my heart of hearts I truly believe in equality, true equality. Not getting into the politics and by no means playing down how we as women have arrived to where we are today.

    The difference here is women understanding men; understanding women. I hear many women speak of the ability to live without a man and many would argue its the best thing they have ever done. It is my opinion that some not all have been badly hurt to have made the choice to remain single in fear of being hurt again. The likely hood of this being the same for men in my opinion is not that different.

    In our throw away society it has become easier to give up on relationships instead of understanding the problem. No man or women should have to live in an abusive relationship. All relationships start with understanding the Self.

    To believe in, to understand, to know, to love yourSelf is only the beginning of a life anyone could ever dream of. It all starts with you, whether you are male or female. We are individuals first, who have dreams and desires; individuals who have no fear of being alone have much more space to share themselves with another; whoever your choice of partner.

    It is my passion to help women and men grow together to be the best they can possibly be as individuals; and if they so desire, jointly in an equal relationship where one has no control over the other. With the love and freedom to be together and with love and trust to spend some time apart.


  • Honour Yourself, Worship Yourself, Meditate On Yourself, Understand Yourself and Others

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  • My Mission

    To help Women discover their truth,
    potential and therefore their purpose.

  • My Vision

    To unite Men and Women of the world in love and truth.

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