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    Where to begin? It's frustrating knowing you have the ability to share your ideas even sell what you create. Keep coming up with blocks, like telling yourself it will never happen - there are too many out there doing what I do! In 2017 it was estimated the UK's population was 66.02 Million. People gravitate to people they like, feel comfortable with, trust, people like themselves.

    The statistic Portal presents a total number of employed and self-employed psychologists in the United Kingdom In 2018, there were 39 thousand in employment. That's £1,697 people each - do you get where I am coming from?

    I have been where you are and couldn't find what I needed and felt there must be others like me; the Women of Purpose Foundation is here for that very reason and the source of who I am has an affinity with humankind and has a desire to nurture.

    The Foundation is a low-cost, non-judgemental business support group for women - which creates belief in yourself and your business. You will have access to a skills toolbox to keep you on track.  There will be plenty opportunities to build self confidence and presentation/sales skills. As a business support group you will meet many business so there will be an element of networking, but this is not the primary focus of the group.

    Group Meetings per month booked in advance provides as a safe space to channel your creativity and enthusiasm. 
    You may have one taster session for free then membership will apply which is currently £80 per year. 

    The group sessions will be informative as well as productive. You will need a small fee of £5 plus your phone, iPad and/or pen and paper. Always bring your business cards if you have them.

    You can look forward to discounted workshops and stalls at events. Expert guest speakers will be encouraged to visit throughout the year. You can also currently be seen as a member on the website if you wish - under Meet the Members.

    Membership begins with a 45 minute face to face call for free - £250 to non-members of the Women of Purpose Foundation. check out the Membership section for more details.



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  • womanofpurposefoundation@gmail.com

    I will always respond within 48 hours, alternatively send me a message via Facebook

  • Latest Testimonials Shared

  • Inspirational yet practical and hands on way to move forward in your business/projects/ideas with the help of other wonderful women and guided by Donna - am so glad that I have taken the step of joining - as I need that support and so do most women. Can't recommend enough. The answers and movement come more easily when around supportive others. Not just you and the computer.
  • The Women of Purpose Foundation has just come into my life very recently and already I feel that it is an integral part of my journey. I have been drawn to cross paths with some amazing women and this led me to find Donna‚Äôs beautiful movement which really resonated with me. Charlotte
  • Support, inspiration, consistency, belief in what I do, vision, humour, camaraderie, belonging and being gently pushed outside of my comfort zone with love!! ahhh I could go on... but you get the picture!! Meredithe
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    Speaking From The Heart - Event

    This is an evening where a safe space will be provided for five amazing women speaking each for 20 minutes about their heart felt journeys.

    Beth James: 'A Story of the Road from Fear to Love - a Healing Journey Following Separation from a Toxic Relationship'
    Amanda Thomas: ‘The Power of Living in Harmony with your Heart’ and explore how the heart is our greatest source of wisdom and our deepest and most reliable form of intelligence'
    Meredithe Smith: (info to follow)
    Laura Malek: (info to follow)
    Jo Middleton: (info to follow)
    Hilperton Village Hall, Whaddon Lane. BA14 7RN

    Doors open at 18.30PM ready for the evening to start at 19:00pm and finish at 21:00pm - doors close at 21.30PM

    The bar will be open at 20.00PM for you to purchase refreshments

    Come and be inspired and at the same time know that you are donating to a worthy cause.

    Many will know of a dear friend Jane Benison whose Son is in Bristol Royal Infirmary - Jane and family have been with Kale at his side since September 7th 2018.

    Entry fee is £6 (a percentage of the ticket sales will go to Jane)

    Tickets are available from myself and guest speakers.

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