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  • Inspirational yet practical and hands on way to move forward in your business/projects/ideas with the help of other wonderful women and guided by Donna - am so glad that I have taken the step of joining - as I need that support and so do most women. Can't recommend enough. The answers and movement come more easily when around supportive others. Not just you and the computer.
  • The Women of Purpose Foundation has just come into my life very recently and already I feel that it is an integral part of my journey. I have been drawn to cross paths with some amazing women and this led me to find Donna‚Äôs beautiful movement which really resonated with me. Charlotte
  • Support, inspiration, consistency, belief in what I do, vision, humour, camaraderie, belonging and being gently pushed outside of my comfort zone with love!! ahhh I could go on... but you get the picture!! Meredithe
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