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    Wishing all Women of Purpose website visitors a very Merry Christmas and a healthy, prosperous exciting new 2019!

    Donna xXx

  • Women of Purpose Foundation

    Are you lacking direction and/or confidence, do you need inspiration or need to be held accountable or even be gently pushed out of your comfort zone - with love of course? Do you hide in fear of speaking your truth - are you attracting the wrong people or no people. Do you feel isolated - do you feel like giving up?

    You may be feeling as if you are trying to walk in treacle. It keeps you stuck almost stagnating, then the magpie within looks for the next shiny object to distract you. Which ends up adding to the failure pot of ideas that have every reason to have worked; had you been give the right support.

    I have been where you are and couldn't find what I needed and felt there must be others like me; the Women of Purpose Foundation is here for that very reason to help you to build from the ground up. Strong 'Foundations' need to be in place to work from. You are your foundation first, let the Women of Purpose Foundation be your scaffolding; in a non threatening environment. With the understanding that you will move on from here, you are not tied, in fact it is encouraged.
    I get great satisfaction witnessing fledglings flying the nest however, I will not push the less confident to fly unless divine intervention tells me otherwise.

    The Women of Purpose Foundation is a low-cost, non-judgemental business support group for women - which creates belief in yourself and your business. You will have someone to keep you on track when things are slowing down.  You will be listened to and respected and never have to feel alone. As a business support group you will meet many business so there will be an element of networking, but this is not the primary focus of the group.

    3 Group Meetings per month are provided as a safe space to channel your creativity and enthusiasm. 
    You may have one taster session for free then membership will apply which is currently £60 per year. You can attend group meetings as a member just once or all 3 for a fee of £5. Join in with like minded women who have either been where you are or are in the same place.

    The group sessions will be informative as well as productive. You will need your phone, iPad and/or pen and paper. Always bring your business cards if you have them. Come and take advantage of the wisdom in the foundation, make this the first stepping stone towards doing what you love to do every day!

    I also offer hourly one to one sessions at £50 - where you will be given a safe space to discuss current issues that may be blocking your future business development. This will include a personal oracle reading to aid you in regaining a sense of confidence in your self and your business. Together we can ignite the fire within to to fan the flame for you in your business.

    Exciting times ahead!

    Kindest regards Donna x


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  • womanofpurposefoundation@gmail.com

    I will always respond within 48 hours, alternatively send me a message via Facebook

  • Support, inspiration, consistency, belief in what I do, vision, humour, camaraderie, belonging and being gently pushed outside of my comfort zone with love!! ahhh I could go on... but you get the picture!! Meredithe
  • The Women of Purpose Foundation has just come into my life very recently and already I feel that it is an integral part of my journey. I have been drawn to cross paths with some amazing women and this led me to find Donna’s beautiful movement which really resonated with me. Charlotte
  • Events

    Monthly Group Metings

    Every First Saturday from 10.00am until 12.00pm at Trowbridge Library - Free parking outside - Cafe will be open.

    Every Second Thursday from 16.45pm until 18.45pm at Trowbridge Library - Free Parking outside - Cafe closes at 5.00pm

    Every third Monday from 11.00am until 13.00pm at Trowbridge Civic Centre - Free parking in the Odeon car park (You Must obtain a ticket) Costa Coffee machine inside with card payment only.


    Email: womenofpurposefoundation@gmail.com to book your free taster session

  • Receive £10 off of your first years membership, offer ends 31.12.2018.


  • I currently have an affiliation with The Girls Mean Business products
    you will not be charged extra and there are no hidden fees because of this.
    Check out the Blog for more information or just click on the image above.