• I have had great successes in my life so far, from qualifying as a PADI Open Water Diver to walking 100 Kilometers across The Sahara for The National Asthma Campaign.

    My escapism has been riding motorbikes from Harley Davidson’s to my last Kawazaki ZZR1400. I love poetry and thoroughly enjoy writing it. I did my first City & Guilds in 1990 which was Desktop Publishing and obtained a Distinction – I was taught in a program called Aldus Page Maker (Never Heard of it?) Just goes to show in a blink of an eye how trends change. Working and learning with computers is another of my favorite past-times.

    My spiritual self is foremost in everything and I am by no means perfect. I started to develop clairvoyance in 1984 with a well known International Psychic & Medium Ray Bailey who emigrated to Spain. Life for me has been like ‘The Truth About Success’ – The Iceberg, what you see is a happy go lucky, warm hearted smiley face on the surface and underneath the surface . . .this is where there’s been hard work, sacrifice, risk, late nights, struggle, criticism, disappointments and more.

    Changes in life are inevitable and at fifty two I made a decision to be a successful business woman – creating a Sacred Space for myself and for others but first and foremost I am a woman of purpose. I have the ability to reach out spiritually and teach as well as be supportive in giving help and guidance through personal life experiences. Becoming an Independent Tropic Ambassador has allowed me to meet some amazing entrepreneurial women who have now become friends. This has encouraged me to live a better cleaner, greener lifestyle. Starting from my own home I am personally wanting to make a difference to my part of the Planet and beautiful Mother Earth.

    I have as it is written astrologically a natural gift in communicating on a deeper level with the essence of spirit. Early hours of 21st December 2017 after reading Discover Your Purpose – The Anthology; a spiritual download came to me of big changes for the future of women. Women who want to change their lives for the better, to fulfill their dreams, many with the support of their men.

    Always a Woman of Purpose and now founder of this amazing new chapter the Women of Purpose Foundation ~ at the age of 55!