• The foundation starts with me, Donna ~ I recognise there are many Women of Purpose worldwide all working together to empower each other in one way, shape or form. 

    The Universe is amazing and I cannot underestimate the workings of how I have come to be here now. The many wonderful people that I have met, not by chance either that make up the whole; all of which I will endeavour to share here. . .

    It began for me having joined Sam Lyndley as a member of her private Facebook Group Discover Your Purpose. I have known Sam since 2009 and started to work with her as my mentor in 2017. Many months have passed which has been a journey of self understanding and renewal, of healing old stories, of shifting energies, of stepping up to be the woman I was born to be ~ A Woman of Purpose.

    Cath B, I met in 2014 when I decided to begin my own business through the enterprise allowance scheme. The Job centre sent me to the then Outset Programme Director Chris Fox, who persistently advised I should look at Cath's website as we had a shared interest in business. We both eventually met and spent four hours chatting in Coffee Central (now Leykers) and have been friends ever since.

    Andrea, a member of the group Discover Your Purpose, I have come to know and love, encouraged many of us to contribute to an anthology. The book 'Discover Your Purpose - The Anthology' was published in December 2017 and is available on Amazon. The 35 authors are not paid as all proceeds go the The Mental Health Foundation a charity close to many of our hearts. Andrea, through her Book Buddy Program has encouraged me to write a book and the book 'Conscience Writes' is due to be published very soon.

    Why this foundation? I was shown when I sat to listen inwards; after reading Linda Chester's contribution to the anthology; I had an image of myself speaking to a hall full of women. Gifted as a child with psychic medium insight, I thought I was seeing myself doing platform work; something I did to enable me to teach it but it wasn't my passion. My gut feeling was telling me it was more than that. The vision was for women who believe in their purpose - to guide, support and encourage them. 

    It is my desire to provide what wasn't there for me in the 1980's and is missing still today. For women to shine in their businesses without having to deny their spirituality to fit in. I have heard the words woo woo, fluffy and more.

    Today I stand up and am proud say I am a psychic medium who has a passion to work with like minded women. Who may already have taken ownership of who they are here to be; but especially for those who are fearful and lack confidence and want to do something about it. Don't let fear stop you from growing!

    Kindest regards Donna x

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